We have experience conducting searches for residential and commercial properties, oil & natural gas, wind farms and solar farms. Our search capabilities are not limited to Minnesota, we have conducted searches in many different states including Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas and Colorado.

No matter what type of search you require, we have the expertise that is required. 

Don't see the type of search or county you require? Please contact us.

Services Provided

 Counties Serviced
  Tract check / update
     - All documents within 90 days of effective date
     - Tax search updated
     - Previous names searched to current
  O&E / Refi search
     - Current owner vesting deed, with 24 month chain of title
     - Open mortgages and related documents
     - Declarations, Easements, etc. noted on worksheet
     - Tax search
     - Name search on current fee owners
  30/40 year search
     - Search back to vesting deed 30/40 years from effective date
     - All encumbrances (We search for encumbrances beyond 30/40 years!)
     - Tax search
     - Name search on all vested interests within past 10 years of effective date

  Typed Ownership & Encumbrance Report  
  Right of Way search
  Registered Property Abstract (RPA)
  Abstract Extension / New Abstract